iPhone, HTC or Blackberry?

15 Jan

After all the hype that the launch of the iPhone4S received, I’ve been trying to work out which “team” is best. Obviously, there are the lovers of Blackberry, HTC and iPhone. And it seems that if you own one of these brands, then all others seem ridiculous and shabby in comparison.


Last November I got the iPhone4 for my birthday, and at the time it was relatively new. It was my first Apple phone, and I was impressed by the clarity of the screen and the quality and speed of the WiFi connectivity. However, its downfall seemed to be its battery life – which is what most people criticise it for. But I realised that by turning off location services that I didn’t need or was using, the phone itself seemed to manage pretty well.

iPhone 4 - my personal favourite

The majority of my friends have Blackberry phones of all different types. Touch, Bold, Curve, and other ones that I don’t remember the names of because they seem to look the same to me. Anyway, I found that the keypad was extremely difficult to use (obviously, you would adapt to it but personally I think it would take time) and since I was used to being able to simply tap the screen when I wanted to use something, using the touch-sensitive scroll made everything take far longer to see. Plus, the main thing that everyone owning a Blackberry claims is the winning factor is the Blackberry Messenger App. But the iPhone has Whatsapp – which can be used amongst anyone with a smartphone.

Blackberry 'Bold'. I can't really tell the difference

As for the HTC, I personally see it as it was made to be – an Android. Don’t get me wrong, it has its positive  points – the touch screen, the apps, the battery, the internet etcetera – but it doesn’t account to the iPhone. in my opinion, the clarity of the screen itself is pretty poor in comparison. Plus, it has less than half the number of apps available to Apple users.

HTC 'HD'. Clearly they've developed it, but I'm still not swayed.

Obviously, I’m biased due to my belonging to the iPhone and other Apple products. But if I were to change to either of the other phones, I’m sure that I would eventually grow to love it. Or perhaps not…


One Response to “iPhone, HTC or Blackberry?”

  1. rolynoworse January 26, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    BlackBerry is great for IM, but the iPhone is cool – shame about the poor battery life…

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