The Challenge – Week 2

21 Oct

So the second week meant a stay at Brunel university with the whole wave. By this point we’d made pretty decent relationships with everyone in the groups, and so knew that this week would be absolutely hilarious. It did, however, have a very different layout to the first week, and our teams were separated into the different houses (fair enough separating boys and girls, but come ON!)

In advance, we had to choose meal plans that we would be cooking for our whole flat. Now, I’m not trying to brag or anything but I would say I’m not too bad at cooking, whereas some of the people I was sharing the kitchen with seemed like they could burn a salad. Needless to say, I did most of the cooking and cleaning for the week, adopting the role as the mother: making the dirty dishes and saucepans magically disappear whilst nobody’s looking. One thing that we did like was the fact that the girls’ house was directly opposite the boys – meaning we could see each others kitchens through the windows – although most nights the boys seemed to just live off of pot noodle. (Then again, on a student budget that does seem more likely than homemade meals).

So this week was dedicated to skill and team building, and whilst some people were doing things like sports or photography, we were doing drama. And I mean I’m not going to slag off drama – I chose it as an A level – but there’s only so much you can do to develop this and benefit from it. Moving on, we did a number of activities which were mostly public speaking and a talent show in front of the rest of the wave (my group won, obviously, with our rendition of “The Bitch Song” by BFS – aided by a sweet melody on a purple ukulele.)  Then we went to a residential home for the elderly, where we spent the afternoon talking to them and listening to their stories. One man was definitely still young at heart and started dancing when we broke out the ukulele once again, a really heartwarming thing to see.

So that was week 2 – really different to the first week, but a truly fun and amazing experience nonetheless.


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