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Turkish Socks

20 Feb

For Christmas, my step-mum, Wax, bought me a pair of handmade Turkish socks. Since then, I’ve worn them as much as possible – warm, comfy and really colourful, too.

Handmade Turkish socks - no two pairs the same.


They were ordered from a company called ‘plumo’, but they’ve recently stopped selling them and have changed to slipper socks that have harder bases. I’d recommend having a look at their website, since they have got some nice stuff. But if you want to buy some like mine, then try

Plumo –

One thing I will say, is that if you do choose to buy them, then make sure you’re careful. Last week I discovered a hole where the stitches had come a little loose – a quick fix is to simply sew them up with some thread – so y’know, try to wear shoes or slippers over the top when walking on wooden floors.


Onesies: Yay or Nay?

14 Jan

For Christmas this year, my cockney Nan bought my dad a bright white, Elvis onesie. Complete with “The King” written in gold across the waistband. As naff as this is, it definitely provides you with a set of the giggles; particularly if you already own the Elvis wig and sunglasses!

As a product itself, it is incredibly comfy and soft on the inside. But – like many new cotton clothes – after one wash it will definitely become less cosy. So to avoid this, either wear it only on special occasions or not at all. Think of it more as a topic of conversation rather than your favourite outfit. As sleepwear, it seems to be ideal in the winter months – as long as you aren’t seen by anyone. And I mean anyone.

I just couldn't resist...